This is us

Panorama Pedals is a unique South African Tour Operator. We specialize in offering the best cycling tours which will give you the chance to experience an area in a fun and exhilarating way. The idea of going on holiday and having the chance to explore and experience a country from a local's perspective, whilst cycling and being active is the perfect combination.

Our tours are either, developed and guided by us or we have personally been on the tour to ensure quality. Only in this way can we guarantee you a unique travel experience! The tours we offer are put together in such a way that you don't have to worry about anything except getting to the destination - and we can even help you with this!

Company Founder

Lizelle GubitzI'm from the Limpopo Province in South Africa. After finishing my studies I hopped onto a plane to spread my wings and to discover the world out there. After six amazing years of exploring and working in various countries I decided to return home. Within those years I had the opportunity to travel and work in many different places. I guided tours for a German company throughout Croatia and Greece and it is here that I envisaged my own cycling tours. My goal is to reveal the natural beauty of the panoramas that filled my childhood.

I live in one of the most beautiful parts of South Africa and want to share this unspoilt region with you. The tour has been designed in such a way to capture the well known panoramas alongside undiscovered or lesser-known gems in just a couple of days. 

Come and join us on our panoramic cycling adventures!

~ Lizélle Gubitz

Our Guides

Our Safari Cycling tour offers an amazing experience to discover South Africa. Part of this experience is made possible by our Panorama Pedals guides. The responsibilities of a great Tour Guide extends beyond merely relaying information to guests. A great guide has the ability to forge a professional relationship with our guests and convey specific information that keeps the guests interested and entertained. A great guide can elevate and enhance the experience, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime and make guests want to return. And most importantly, great guides go the extra mile!


Wendel Hough is an accredited South African Wilderness and Trails Guide with 31 years’ experience in the Wildlife, Conservation and Tourism industries.

He likes to think of himself as an adventure maniac and loves all adventure activities, especially diving. Wendel is an avid book collector, and a member of the South African Archaeological Society, South African Genealogical Society and the Van Riebeeck Society with interests in South African History, Archaeology, Paleontology and Natural Sciences.

He has had the privilege to work with numerous famous Wildlife Photographers such as Claus Brandt, Stu Porter and Benny Rebel and has been involved in wildlife documentaries with Discovery Channel, BBC and David Attenborough .

Wendel is passionate at being a guide for Panorama Pedals and its guests.


Shoes safari guideShoes Mathebula was born and raised in the Kruger Naitonal Park. Most of Shoes’ knowledge of Kruger Park’s flora and fauna has been passed on to him by his father. After many years of experience in this business he is one of the most sought after guides in the area. He completed his formal training at Southern African Wildlife College. ​

After some time of working as a field ranger in Kruger Park, he decided to work in the tourism industry to be in direct contact with visitors and transmit his enthusiasm for wildlife and nature to them.  We are fortunate to have Shoes take our guests on a full-day safari experience in the Kruger National Park in an open-vehicle.




Ronnie Haywood is a registered tour guide in 6 provinces in South Africa. He obtained his National Diploma in Nature Conservation in 1979 where after he worked for the Department of Nature Conservation for 27 years where he had the rank of Chief Nature Conservator.

He gained vast experience and knowledge in the interesting world of fauna and flora during his long career with the Department. He was actively involved in tourism and Environmental Education because of his passion for wildlife and he is a dedicated Honorary Ranger with the National Parks Board.

His motto in life is to ensure that you, his guest, has the best time of your life while in his company!