Safety with Panorama Pedals

Panorama Pedals takes the safety and comfort of our guests very seriously!

Some aspects of safety you would like to know:

General safety

  • In South Africa the bicycle tours will mostly take place off-road as this is much safer than cycling on the main road with taxis, pedestrians and other cars. For our tours in Europe this is not the case. The tours usually take place on quiet islands where it is safe to use the asphalt roads.
  • All tours are accompanied by two guides and on the tour in South Africa there is 100% support vehicle.
  • The over-night accommodations, whether it is in hotels, tented safari camps or lodges in South Africa or the ships in Europe, have been carefully selected for you.
  • Our rental bikes are serviced and cleaned before every tour so that top quality can be guaranteed and your tour guides are trained to repair any problems that may occur along the way. Of course extra bikes are also available if necessary.


Safaris in South Africa

Whether per bike, by foot or game viewer, when we are exposed to wildlife we are:

Accompanied by trained guides. These guides are well experienced as rangers and have a wide practical work experience. We are always kept at the right distance from the wild animals in order to enable us to appreciate them but to avoid any danger.


Malaria in South Africa

Malaria is evident in the Kruger National Park and other areas we travel to during this tour. Please contact your doctor about taking Malaria Prophylactics.

There are certain precautions you can take between dawn and dusk:
• apply insect repellent to exposed skin  
• close windows and doors at night unless they are screened
• spray an aerosol insecticide inside the sleeping area
• burn mosquito coils and mosquito mats in sleeping areas  
• wear long-sleeved clothing, trousers and socks if outdoors during this time