Arrival & Departure for Greece

Arrival & Departure to Athens/Corfu


Port of embarkation/disembarkation varies between Athens (Piraeus/Marina Zeas) and Corfu

Your embarkation harbour will vary, depending on the direction of your tour, between Marina Zeas, part of the Athens Piraeus harbor, and the harbor of Corfu in the city of Corfu.

Please check your booking confirmation for the harbor relevant to your tour.

You are welcome to check in on board from 2pm onwards on the embarkation day.


Inbound flight to Athens - Outbound flight from Corfu

A flight is the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to get to Greece.

Please be aware, when booking flights, that your tour will either start in Athens and end in Corfu or vice-versa. Please check your booking confirmation for the harbor relevant to your tour. The direction of your tour can be seen on your booking confirmation. We recommend booking a ‘multi-stop’ flight.

To investigate and book a suitable flight you can for example use the website or


Transfers between the Airport and the Boat or between a Hotel and the Boat

Fee-based collective transfers can be booked in advance (only available on embarkation/disembarkation days):

- between Corfu airport or a hotel at Corfu town and the boat in Corfu harbor: 10 euro per person/way
- between Athens airport and the boat in Marina Zeas: 20 euro per person/way
- between a hotel at Athens city and the boat in Marina Zeas: 10 euro per person/way

Customized transfers: availability and prices on request.


How to make a transfer reservation

For the organization of all airport transfers please indicate your exact flight details:

- arrival & departure date
- flight route
- airline
- flight number
- estimated arrival or departure time

If there are belated changes of your flight times you are kindly requested to inform our office immediately.

For all hotel transfers, please indicate the following details:

- transfer date
- exact hotel address
- preferred transfer time

For transfer reservations please contact our office team: or 071 956 1203.