Things to note

Information regarding all our tours:


  • What languages are the tours offered in?

All the tours are offered in English and German.


  • How fit should I be for the tours?

We recommend our tours to everyone who has an acquired basic stamina either through using their bike as an everyday vehicle or as a leisure activity. However, we pace our tours leisurely so that there is no rush even if you push your bicycle uphill. 


  • What happens if the weather is bad?

A bicycle tour can be affected by changing weather conditions and therefore the itinerary of a tour may change. But don’t worry, we always have a B-plan and we will find the best solutions to offer you an equally exciting tour.


Information regarding our tours in South Africa:


  • When is the best time to do the tour?

Cycling in the summer months in South Africa is possible but then the tours need to take place very early in the mornings or late afternoons. Therefore the best months are the slightly cooler months starting in March till October. Not only will it be a bit cooler but the chances of having rain storms are fewer.


  • What can I see and experience on this tour that is unique?

This tour offers a variety of aspects in South Africa and combines them in one. You will be able to see both the bush veld and low veld since the tour takes place in two of our nine provinces – Mpumalanga and Limpopo Province. You will be able to see some wildlife whilst cycling and visit a family run citrus farm and pack house and learn more about how agriculture works in South Africa. You will interact with numerous types of South African cultures and at the end of the week you would have gained a good overview of life in this area of South Africa.