Cycle Lake Constance


Three countries in one tour

Panorama 1 Individual arrival in Constance/ Kreuzlingen

20150701_162126Arrive at Zurich airport and take a train or bus to Constance, the largest city around the lake. Your first evening can be spent taking a stroll around the city.






Panorama 2 Constance - Radolfzell - Stein am Rhein/Gailingen

(Pedal 45 – 55 km)

bod_itinerary2On your way to our favourite Swiss town, Stein am Rhein, you pass through the old imperial city Radolfzell and cycle along the “Höri” peninsula. Stein am Rhein looks as though it has leaped out of the pages of a Swiss fairy tale, with its leafy river promenade and gingerbread-looking houses, beautifully painted frescoes and cobblestone Rathausplatz.





Panorama 3 Stein am Rhein/Gailingen - Constance – Überlingen

(Pedal 45 – 55 km + boat trip)

bod_itinerary3Today you will cycle back towards Constance through picturesque Swiss fishing villages, via Wallhausen to the former imperial town Überlingen with its Gothic minster and the beautiful esplanade.






Panorama 4 Überlingen – Kressbronn

(Pedal 50 km)

bod_itinerary4After your breakfast cycle to Friedrichshafen via Meersburg with its old Castle. It is said that the Merovingians raised the first fortress whose medieval appearance still marks the image of the town from far. Continue pedalling to Friedrichshafen and from there through orchards to Kressbronn for the evening.






Panorama 5 Kressbronn - Höchst/ Rorschach

(Pedal 35 - 50 km)

bod_itinerary5A highlight for today is the Bavarian city Lindau where you should definitely visit the city centre which is situated on an island. Don’t miss the harbor area with its Bavarian Lion statue and the stone Lindau Lighthouse. Once you have explored this beautiful old town, hop onto your bicycle and cycle 10 km until you reach the Austrian border and town Bregenz. Bregenz is especially famous for the annual summer music festival. Your destination for the evening is Höchst in Austria or Rorschach in Switzerland.




Panorama 6 Höchst/ Rorschach - Constance/ Kreuzlingen

(Pedal 35-55 km)

bod_itinerary6The last day on your tour is devoted to the Canton of Thurgau with its huge apple orchards. The route takes you along the banks of the lake through small villages back to Constance where you can enjoy the evening in this special place. Take a walk along the lake, have a look at Imperia and indulge in some ice-cream whilst “people-watching”.






Panorama 7

bod_itinerary7Individual departure or extended stay in Constance or Zurich.

Advice on your return journey or an extended stay is available on request.