Family Cycling tour in Southern Dalmatia - Croatia

This family cycling tour offers the perfect combination for families or guests who prefer to do a variety of activities including a bit of cycling.

Spend a week on a charming motor yacht that takes you from island to island, sparing you the nuisance of packing suitcases and searching for accommodations. Along with overnights in ports, we also spend some nights in quiet bays.

This tour offers cycling, hiking and rafting. Apart from that, enjoy taking strolls through the unique small harbour towns of the Adriatic - or simply spend the day relaxing on board. This is indeed a pleasant way of exploring southern Dalmatia.

This amazing tour is rounded off by the wonderful opportunity of jumping directly off the ship into the sea for a swim – an experience not to miss out on!


Overview map of this tour

What to see on this trip

Why choose this tour - Highlights

Swim next to the "Golden Horn" in Bol

Visit the local Beekeeper

Enjoy the rafting tour on the Cetina river

Hike to the Spanish fortress on Hvar Island

Cycle to Jelsa for a delicious ice-cream